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About Lamarr, The Law Student Encourager


In Summer 2018, I created a YouTube channel, “Law Student Encourager” while I was academically dismissed from the Georgia State University College of Law. Read more about my personal story here. Through my YouTube channel, Law Student Encourager, LLC was born. A unique combination of academic coaching and mental toughness coaching services for enrolled and dismissed law students. I help law students quickly recover (bounce-back) from experiencing unsatisfactory results with immediate past semester grades, academic probation, or academic dismissal.


After conducting a post-performance assessment, I support students with forward-thinking and emotional intelligence strategies so that they can quickly improve and maximize their performance potential to exceed previous results. Whatever the odds, let’s overcome them together!

Background on the Law Student Encourager

My sole intent was to create a video series by publicly sharing my raw personal experience as a dismissed law student while showing viewers my two-year-long process to reapply to Georgia State University College of Law. At this time, there were no law school articles or YouTube videos that discussed the unique application process for dismissed law students.


Nonetheless, I created the moniker, “The Law School Terminator” on my YouTube channel to symbolize my relentless dedication and mental toughness to develop innovative strategies to be readmitted into law school. I created 60 videos dedicated to dismissed law students. 


Upon receiving my reacceptance letter from the Georgia State University College of Law in July 2019, I posted a video of my high-energy response to my readmission that immediately caught the attention of viewers who were dismissed law students across the United States. These students reached out to me by e-mail and I began unofficially coaching them with academic and mental toughness strategies to reapply to law schools of their choice. 


For the Fall 2019 semester, I created a video series titled, “My 1L Rematch/Repeat Semester Fall 2019” where I showed my week-to-week semester progress and exam results. I continued this video series for the Spring 2020 semester. Metaphorically, both semesters served as my “rematch” from my Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 grades that led to my academic dismissal. Additionally, this video series served as my inspiration to dismissed law students to show that they can perform better on exams once readmitted into law school.


In Summer 2020, I decided to expand my Law Student Encourager brand to coach enrolled law students who may be struggling mentally, emotionally, or academically with unsatisfactory results in law school. I look forward to supporting and encouraging many law students on my continued law school journey and beyond! 

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