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Academic Dismissal Bounce Back Coaching

 Scales of Justice

This coaching is for any law student that received an official dismissal letter from their law school stating their cumulative GPA was lower than the minimum cumulative GPA required by the law school. Following this academic dismissal, a student must wait a certain period of time(up to two years depending on law school) to apply for readmission. I deeply know what it’s like to be academically dismissed from law school and waited the mandatory two years to reapply. I also know what it’s like to mentally outlast the waiting period to be successfully readmitted into law school.  My aim is to help you do the same by closely supporting you throughout your reapplication process! 

Specifically, I will help in these areas:

  • Come to terms with Academic Dismissal so that it no longer has power over you

  • Renew your meaning and purpose of your law practice ambitions

  • Assess and devise an action plan for you to work on your academic and mental performance inefficiencies

  • Devise a step-by-step reapplication strategy to the law schools of your choice

  • Provide feedback on your new personal statement

  • Provide feedback on your addendum statement


Cost and Session Times

The cost is $65 per session (1 Hour) on Zoom. I work with times that are best for both of our schedules. My goal is to help you develop the skills and strategies you need to be readmitted into law school so that you don’t need my services forever, returning only when you need help developing a new skill.

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