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Academic Probation Bounce Back Coaching

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This coaching is for any enrolled law student that is placed on academic probation deemed by their law school.  I can serve as additional support to your law school Academic Support Program to help you make a triumphant turnaround to improve your academic and mental performance when it counts most, under pressure.   

Specifically, I will help you in these areas:

  • Reduce fears and doubts of being academically dismissed from your law school

  • Generate empowering meaning and purpose for you to conquer academic probation

  • Become a better self-regulator of academic behaviors throughout your semester

  • Simulate real exam-taking conditions with practice problems to assess and adjust your mental and academic performance strategies

  • Provide mental toughness skills and techniques for you to maintain focus, discipline, and confidence to maximize your performance potential on exam day

Cost and Session Times

The cost is $65 per session (1 Hour) on Zoom. I work with times that are best for both of our schedules. My goal is to help you develop the skills you need within your permitted semesters to get off probation so that you don’t need my services forever, returning only when you need help developing a new skill.


My Coaching Is Confidential

Trust forms the core of the coaching relationship. I respect what you say and will not repeat your information to anyone or to any entity. I maintain your confidentiality and privacy in all communications. I do not disclose that you are a client if you do not want that known.

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