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Mental Coaching Certified


I am a graduate of the mental game coaching certification program administered by The International Mental Game Coaching Association. The International Mental Game Coaching Association certifies qualified individuals at four levels as Certified Mental Game Practitioners. The IMGCA courses of study include academic and fieldwork, written work, and a final project or examination. Candidates who successfully complete certification have the right to call themselves IMGCA Certified and display the IMGCA certification logo at their level of certification.

IMGCA certification training programs are focused on improving the ability to directly deliver mental game coaching. Their programs are based on research, theory, academics, and clinical experiences, but are 90% focused on real-world applications of this material. Students actually learn how to be a mental game coach. Each session focuses on the everyday challenges in the field, in working with clients seeking to improve their performance in sports, business, or academics.

What Is Mental Game Coaching?

Mental game coaching is a process that helps clients learn and master proficiency in their mental skills. It utilizes a psycho-educational model to develop performers' psychological skills. Mental game coaches are experts in educational psychology, performance psychology, and performance enhancement. Through the implementation of a systematic training program, mental game coaches train their clients to achieve a high level of psychological skill proficiency.


I am honored to be the first law student to receive this coaching certification and provide this unique service to the law student community at large! See the IMGCA's Founder and President, Bill Cole, announcing my coaching certification here.

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